Project Description

Speech difficulties in children can range in severity from saying one sound for another (e.g. cat – tat), to not being able to imitate any sounds correctly, resulting in an inability to use speech as a functional means of communication. 

For some children it may be necessary to teach other ways to communicate while developing their speech sounds. These may include Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) or communication apps e.g. Proloquo2go.    

Lisa Collins Speech Therapy works with children with a range of speech sound difficulties

  • Lisps – e.g. ‘s’ sounds.

  • Difficulty articulating a range of speech sounds e.g. ‘r’, ‘l’, ‘ch’.

  • Difficulty blending sounds into words.

  • Low muscle tone in jaw, lips, or tongue.

  • Difficulty imitating any speech sounds.

  • Dysarthria – oral cavity muscle weakness due to brain damage e.g. traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, or stroke.

  • Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia – difficulty coordinating articulators e.g. jaw, lips, or tongue.


An individualised programme will be drawn up to suit specific difficulties, this may involve a combination of specialised interventions e.g. PROMPT( and Talk Tools ( ), in conjunction with traditional therapeutic interventions.







What our Clients say

My son is 6, has autism & epilepsy and is nonverbal. We have been to so many speech therapists over the years. Lisa is amazing with him! He responds to her like no one else and we have a great program in place thanks to her. Highly recommend her.

Lisa is very professional, understanding and patient! She is currently working with my son and his progress is amazing. I highly recommend her!

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